Stuttering or Stammering

The terms stuttering and stammering are considered to mean the same, as it is deemed to have an effect on the ability of an individual to fluidly and continuously speak with ease and without much effort.

For most that experience stuttering or stammering, the ability for continued speech can at times come in the form of repetition of words, prolonging of syllables and at times even long pauses or lack of sound in certain syllables when stating phrases and sentences.

Causes of Stuttering

Contrary to what many believe even expert are uncertain as to how stuttering occurs in an individual, although stop stammering explains that there are specific factors and conditions that do contribute to the chance of having a stutter.

As people grow up and develop, to a certain degree stuttering can develop but may eventually decrease when the developmental stage of better communication is reached.

Some also refer to stuttering that comes from the lag between the brain and the muscles and nerves involved in speech, while others note that there are certain psychological influences that contribute to stuttering.

Signs and Symptoms of Stuttering

When comparing a person experiencing stuttering to that of the rest of the population often the ability to speak words, phrases and sentences, is characterized to generally be prolonged or done in repetition.Stuttering or Stammering

Because of this condition, often those who stutter experience stress and tension leading some to either pause or stop their speech completely as there are possibilities when the vocal sounds are literally blocked and no sounds could be heard from the stuttering individual.

Diagnosis and Tests for Stuttering

To truly become aware if an individual is experiencing stuttering they would need to be tested and observed by a professional called a Speech Language Pathologist.

Assessments for stuttering may include particular speech, fluency or language tests as well as interviews and even direct observations of the individual.

Treatments for Stuttering

When tests and observations have led to the conclusion that an individual does have trouble with their ability to have a flowing conversation, experts can help provide them with the best solutions and treatments for them to overcome their stuttering troubles.

There are a variety of therapies and procedures like fluency shaping, stuttering modification as well as certain electronic devices that could contribute to turning speech better and more flowing – with these steps, stuttering individuals develop better behaviors, skills and approach to improve their ability to speak.