Semi Permanent Eyelashes

Some women are born with beautiful eyes and other have it made for them. One of the ways to make you eyes beautiful is to wear false eyelashes. But the problem with regular false eyelashes is that they can fall off at the most inappropriate of times, putting you in a very embarrassing situation. Also, you have to stick them to your eyes every morning and take them off every evening. You can solve this problem by a number of methods, including permanent or semi permanent eyelash extensions.

An eyelash extension is done to make your eyelashes longer, thicker and fuller. Permanent eyelash extensions are surgically implanted and last a lifetime. However, it should be used only as a large resort if the hairs in your natural eyelashes have fallen off due to age or other reasons. Semi-permanent eyelash extensions, on the other hand, can last for a number of years, but not a lifetime. But they can look and feel equally as natural as permanent eyelashes. Also, the extensions are added to the existing eyelashes and not surgically implanted. The total effect of this can be dramatic and highly satisfactory.


There are different procedures for semi-permanent eyelash extension. Perming is also a kind of semi-permanent eyelash, although no actual extension is added. Still, it makes your eyelash look longer and thicker and the effect last up to four months. In a true semi-permanent eyelash extension, false eyelashes lashes are glued to individual strands of your natural eyelash. This makes them become a part of your eyelashes and last longer. These are different from regular false eyelashes that come in strips that have to be applied with glue and taken off at the end of the day.


You should treat semi-permanent eyelashes with care. You should never pull them off as they will pull off your natural eyelashes. When the natural lashes to which they are attached fall off, you can replace them by having a top-up. If you want to remove your semi-permanent eyelashes, you should either let them fall off naturally or you should have a technician do it for you. Also, an incorrectly done semi permanent eyelash can harm you eyes. Therefore, you should have it done only by a licensed technician and ask him/her to use an eye shield to protect your cornea.