Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes

Many men suffer from erectile dysfunction for many reasons. One of them is because they have diabetes.

The reason why men who have diabetes suffer diabetes is because it interrupts the blood supply to the penis, and this is what is believed to be the main cause of impotence in men.

Blood sugar levels and erectile dysfunction also correlate, and men with diabetes should be aware of this correlation. One thing that greatly affects blood sugar is smoking, but also eating too many high-fat, and high-carb foods can cause this problem.

Eating too many sugary treats and snacks also is an issue. Drinking too much caffeine could also raise a person’s blood sugar level.

Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes

Affected Men

Sexual problems in men with diabetes are very common. In fact, 50% of males with diabetes have some kind of sexual problem such as ED or low libido.

By far, it seems that the more common of these two types of sexual dysfunctions caused by diabetes is ED. However, mild symptoms of diabetes can occur for years before the diabetes is even noticed. (For instance, a man may be always thirsty and always may have to urinate.)

Therefore, there may not be any evidence yet that the diabetes is causing or would lead to nerve and artery damage. This is the reason why men newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes already show problems such as ED by the time it is recognized.

This is why early diagnosis is very important. Once it is determined that diabetes is the cause of the erectile dysfunction, then the proper action plan should be taken.

However, it is a proven fact that diabetes has a harmful affect on the body. One area it affects is the cardiovascular system.


In most cases, there is no reason why diabetes should stop you from having sex. The first step is recognizing the problem. Once that has been negotiated, then the proper action plan should be taken.

With the right help and support from your partner as well as your medical doctor, the treatment prognosis is improved. Your doctor will decide what is the most appropriate way for this problem to be treated.

The type of treatment you receive depends on your individual circumstances. For instance, cause of your erectile dysfunction and existing conditions matters.

It also depends on the medicines you are taking as well your personal treatment preference. It can be a challenge to find out which treatment will work. However, the good news is if one solution does not work, another can be tried.

Your Options

Often oral treatments are usually tried first. However, unlike other medicines for ED, this may be less effective in men with diabetes. They are used in the non-diabetic population.

However, clinical trials show that taking invigorise, can be effective in men with ED and diabetes. If the oral treatments do not work, then one of three different types of alprostadil can be inserted right into the penis.

These three different preparations of alprostadil administered directly into the penis include MUSE, Caverject and Viridal Duo. They are applied while being inserted into THE penis opening that also is responsible for helping a man dispense urination.