Digital Mucous or Myxoid Cyst

Myxoid cyst or mucous comes out due to alterations in the tissue region on the tip of the end portion of the toe. A cyst is shiny, smooth and attractive in appearance. It is a soft rubbery nodule with either having some color or giving transparent color look and is usually located at the end portion of the fingers or toes. They are generally of the size 1/5 to 3/5 inch. They are sometimes in a form a circle, round or oval shape and often burst out to release thick fluid from inside, and the thick fluid is of either whitish or yellowish in color. This basically is a type of ganglion (leakage of fluid from the joints) and is jelly like substance. This disease is more common with women and common with humans with age above 45 years.


As per, they mostly appear at the place a minor trauma, sites of old injury or at the site of friction. It is also caused due to keeping your hands in water for a long range of time because of which the bump gets filled with the liquid and hence develop infection inside it.


This disease need not be treated until it causes any pain or throbbing, occasionally this disease gets cured automatically. By the use of some prescribed injections it can be cured. The very simple method by which it can be cured is by pressing or squeezing the cyst. The most common method by which ‘cyst’ is treated now days is by the help of cyrotherapy.

Cryotherapy Treatment

It refers to the treatment of the surface of the skin is frozen. The methods by which the skin freezing is done are by the help of liquid nitrogen, carbon dioxide snow and by propane and Dimethyl ether. Most common method used now days is liquid NO2. Freezing is the most common method available as it is simple in application and quite safe, cheaper, reliable as compared to other methods.

Liquid NO2 treatment

Liquid nitrogen Cryotherapy requires cryospray, cryoprobe or a cotton-tipped applicator. The nitrogen is then applied to the wounded skin for few seconds and is kept for skin cancers.

CO2 snow treatment

Carbon dioxide Cryotherapy requires a tube of icy carbon dioxide flurry which is directly applied to the injured skin.

DMEP treatment

By using the foam applicator on the injured skin, it is used to treat wart for about 20 to 50 seconds which depends upon the dimension and spot.

Myxoid cyst can be cured by surgery but the possibility of reoccurrence on the same area increases. For the treatment doctor has to analyze the whole scenario of the cyst by doing ultra-sound or by the help of x-ray. More often than not doctor will suggest MRI. The one of the method available with doctors to remove the liquid or fluid from the cyst is by injecting a needle and withdrawing the fluid from it but this method is only applied when the cyst is not painful.