Best Ways to Get Natural Sleep

Many have us struggle to get the natural sleep that our bodies needs to get to run their best. With out that sleep, we go through the day feeling unrested and do not preform at 100%. By following the checklist below you should be able to get just that kind of rest.

Natural Sleep

  1. Take a sleep aide – Many people worry about the side effects of taking a sleep aide. They worry about going through the next day with a hazy, drugged feeling. This won’t happen with you use a natural sleep aide like NightCalm. Rather than drugs. It works simply by stimulating the production of serotonin. Why does this help?
  2. Serotonin is needed for a restful, natural sleep. Serotonin controls many functions in the body but one of the most important is the natal sleep rhythm. Without it, you simply can not get the sleep you need to function.
  3. NightCalm is made from the Griffonin plant, not a selection of chemicals. In fact, everything in NighCalm is naturally derived so it is perfectly safe.
  4. Darken your house – We are made to sleep at night so we need a dark room. Make sure yr curtains are heavy enough to keep out the late evening or early morning sun. You will be surprised a the difference it can make.
  5. Eat Carbohydrates – Going to bed hungry is not a good idea. It is going to be up to 12 hours until you eat after you last meal so make it last more your body might wake you up just because it is hungry. Carbohydrates are an important part of your final meal of the day. They keep you full longer and prevent that. It is not, however a good idea to eat right before bed. It is hard to fall asleep when you feel bloated.
  6. Try to relax – You are not going to fall asleep if you are all wound up so you need to unwind a little. If reading does that for you then set aside some time to do that. Some people like listening to music. Others still like yoga or meditation to unwind. It all depends on the person but if it puts you in a relaxed mood then you should try it.
  7. Breathing oversizes – Breathing exercises work a lot like yoga or meditation. A simple 5 moments of controlled breathing will make a difference. Try to think if the stress of the day flowing out with each breath.
  8. Electrical equipment – Beware of electrical equipment. This van be things such as alarm clocks or even your phone charger. Anything that is using power is generating a field that can disrupt sleep.
  9. Keep it cool – Even if you are someone that does not normally like it cool you will sleep better if it is below 70 degrees. That is a little chilly for some but you can always add a blanket or just wear a pair of socks.
  10. Music – If you are the type that get disturbed by thing like the shifting house or distant traffic you can try music. Soft music is still noise but not unexpected noise and will drown out that.
  11. A bath – It might be hard to believe but a warm bath will help you sleep but not for the reason you think. It LOWERS the body temperature and that helps you sleep. As warm as you like your bath it is unlikely it is 98.6 degrees.